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Thank you for considering Volunteering with us. We know that your time is precious!

All volunteers must  FIRST purchase a copy of the Simplicity 8155 Teddy Bear. (The reason ALL volunteers must purchase their own pattern copy is because Teddy Bears 4 Kids does not own the pattern, Simplicity does. When you sign up to volunteer you will most likely eventually have a copy of the pattern or parts of the pattern in your possession either for cutting out pattern pieces or sewing the actual bear. Even if you just sign up to stuff empty bears or work on dresses or vests, I ask that you still purchase a pattern copy. That way all volunteers are able to handle the patterns and pieces without risk of potentially infringing on the rights of the copyright owner-Simplicity.)
After you have purchased a copy of the pattern, please email the following information:

-a PDF copy of your receipt for buying the Simplicity 8155 pattern
-wether you want to help cut out pattern pieces, pin/baste or sew
-your contact information including full name, phone and email
-wether you give me permission to use your name publicly to thank you for your work on our Teddy Bear social media sites (this website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Trello) or you wish to remain anonymous


Give me at least a couple days to respond.
Thank you for your time!
Even kids can help!
My daughter preparing to teach kids at the upcoming 2018 LoveLodi event:

"...excellent 7yr old teacher...we’re gonna teach them how to pin the bear parts and help mom make more than 100 her goal... keep video’s very hard... but don’t worry 7yr olds you can get it...ouch I hurted...ignore that...stay on focus...send this to all my fans... goodbye" March 10, 2018.
Even kids can help!
My son prepares to teach kids at the upcoming LoveLodi2018 event.
"Right now we are taking out pins...We use these to pin right here...and then we cut on the edges...Try not cutting this piece the white piece.. Just cut the material...I forgot I’m needing to arms are sore...toodle doodles" March 10 2018.
See how even Experienced adults help!
Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Margret Musser :-)

Feb 27, 2018 my husband, Alan Jensen, is helping with bears and pays tribute to my mother:)



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