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Kortzeborn Child Advocacy Center (CAC) provides specialized medical and evidentiary examinations for child sexual abuse and sexual assault victims. They conduct investigative interviews with children for whom there are allegations of sexual abuse, coordinate multidisciplinary team interviewing and case-handling in child sexual abuse investigations, and provide support, advocacy, crisis intervention and treatment referrals to child victims and their families. Foster children receive medical services such as immunizations, California Health Disability Prevention (CHDP) exams and other necessary services.

6861 West Mary Graham Lane 
French Camp, CA  95231
(209) 468-6185
To provide comprehensive and coordinated services to all victims of violent crimes with fairness, dignity, and respect. To empower victims in their recovery from the effects of crime through crisis intervention and related support services.

222 E. Weber Ave., Stockton  
4th Floor, Room 430  
Phone: 209-468-2500  
Fax: 209-468-2521



  • Call: 1-209-361-5198
  • Email: