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Welcome to Teddy Bears 4 Kids!

I’m so sorry, I’ve paused the volunteering of helping with the Teddybears due to personal issues. I've been studying law and discovered "Equity does not aid a volunteer" plus we are in process of moving and life goes on. I have to figure out what I want to do with my teddybear website and all the teddybears in process. Making the bears was very very therapeutic for me after going through what our family went through. But I no longer need that sort of therapy and find myself looking to learn about law and how that man got away with what he did. Not in a vengeful way, but really trying to understand what actually happened in court and learning about the underlying Securities involved. It's kind of like in the movie Wizard of Oz, I'm beginning to see what happens behind the curtain in commerce and law. I thought my how-to videos were still accessible on my website but to my horror I discovered that when I deleted my facebook account the source link for my videos was deleted as well. I have not had time to upload the actual original videos to this site though I still have them. I can’t do more at this time. But I encourage folks to do what makes sense to them and what they're comfortable with, meaning volunteer and donate in your local communities where/when you see a need. But for now, this project is paused until I can figure some things out and decide how I want to move it forward. Please do not donate money and if you did and you want it back just email me.

We are so glad you found our new website! Some call me Jeanette and I run this volunteer group. We make and donate Teddy Bears to traumatized children. These bears go directly to children who have been victimized sexually and from other crimes. Currently we serve two organizations here in San Joaquin County, The J. D. Kortzeborn Child Advocacy Center in French Camp and Victim Witness at the County Courthouse. 

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Sign up to receive emails about upcoming Teddybear events, how you can help, organizations we serve, sexual abuse awareness and prevention and more! I don't give out email address or name information (unless you say it's ok when you sign up to volunteer on our Volunteers Page:)
Stockton Woman Makes Bears to Help Children Cope with Tragedy
By Ken Mashinchi
January 31, 2018

 I was made aware of another news article about getting started doing Teddy Bears :) 
I did not know this article existed until this week. It actually shares more personal 
information about our family's journey through experiencing tragedy and how making these Teddy Bears helps me and is very therapeutic for me as the mother of a victim. Originally I was shy/hesitant in sharing that it was MY CHILD that was a victim for fear of people judging my child because of what's happened to them. But I have learned that this tragedy affects many, many people. In fact, since starting these bears, I have had others disclose to me similar stories of how their family has also been victimized and how getting involved in community service (such as this and others) has been helpful for them in coping and healing, not only therapeutically but as a way to pay it forward. Help me grow this Teddy Bear website and volunteer organization to serve children in all of California (eventually the entire United States) who have been victimized by crime; sexual, violent or otherwise.



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